Heraklion Airport Taxi
Heraklion Airport Taxi
Heraklion Airport Taxi

Heraklion Airport Taxi

All The Information You’ll Need About Heraklion Airport (LGIR) Taxis

If you are planning a vacation to the Greek island of Crete, Heraklion International Airport, also known by its International Civil Aviation Organization code of LGIR, is perhaps the best travel option. There are direct routes to many countries around the world and the airport has first class facilities along with easy transportation options into the city of Heraklion.

The airport is only about 3.10 miles (roughly 5 kilometers) from the City of Heraaklion and therefore taking a taxi is simple, short, and affordable. The journey should take about 20 minutes, but might be slower or faster depending on the time of day. Using a taxi also means that you and your fellow passengers will be able to have a private ride from the airport into the center of Heraklion, and you won’t have to worry about the safety of your bags because they’ll be riding with you.

If you’re interested in using a taxi at Heraklion Airport, once you have landed and collected your luggage simply look for the signs pointing you toward the designated taxi waiting area. There you should be able to find a taxi — they are typically gray in color if they come from Heraklion and the surrounding areas – because the vehicles service the airport 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So even if your flight suffers a delay and lands very late at night or early in the morning, you should still be able to get a taxi to take you to your destination in Heraklion.

A journey from the airport into the center of Heraklion should be charged at a set flat rate of €16, although you will potentially have to pay additional fees for certain situations including having an excess amount of luggage, based on the number of passengers in your group, and more. 

One way that you can fully understand all your fees and avoid any surprise charges is to book your airport taxi online before you fly, although this is not absolutely necessary.

If you are traveling anywhere else than the center of town, you’ll have to pay on a metered rate of €1.20 for every mile (1.6 kilometers) of the journey. It’s advisable to print out the route of your journey before you fly and to keep an eye on the taxi meter, because some drivers might deliberately take you on a lengthy route to your destination in order to increase the final fare.

Also, fares are charged per vehicle for each journey, and not per passenger, so if you and your possible traveling group can all fit in one regular vehicle, you’ll just pay a single flat rate.

It’s also recommended to refuse to pay the driver before the journey has taken place, because this helps to prevent being overcharged. Count your change very carefully at the end of the journey to make sure that the driver is giving you the exact change that you deserve.

And also know that it is not a requirement that you tip your taxi driver at the end of the journey, so tipping is entirely voluntary but it’s also a gesture that your driver will appreciate.

Tips for avoiding taxi scams in Heraklion

  • Book online — The best way to avoid scams from taxis when leaving the aiport is to book online. The websites are super helpful because you don’t have to worry about the fare changing and the payment is secured ahead of time. All you have to do is get in and go!
  • Don’t pay cash in advance — When you take a taxi ride in Heraklion, you should not be paying until the end. If your driver asks for up-front payment stand your ground and insist that you pay at the end. Take another taxi if they refuse to drive until you pay.
  • Check the fares & meter — Throughout the city, you may find designated taxi areas. At these stops, there is likely to be a sign posted with the taxi fares. Make sure your taxi driver is following the posted fare. Also, when you get into the taxi, make sure you check that the meter is working properly and was nor running before you got into the car.
  • Know your route — Even though you may be  in a new city, it is important that you know exactly where you are going when you get in your taxi. Don’t be afraid to pull up the GPS on your phone to the shortest or most convenient route and follow along with your driver. You don’t want to be taken advantage of! Stand your ground and don’t be afraid to speak up to your driver.
  • Dress down — If you look like you have extra cash to spare, you might put yourself at risk for swindling. Dress casually and only keep smaller bills in your wallet, especially if it’s going to be in view of the driver.

Tipping taxis in Crete is not required but it is always appreciated by the driver. Many of them speak English and will do their best to accommodate you.

If you ever feel unsafe, call the Heraklion police at  +30 281 027 4000

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Heraklion Airport Taxi Fare ( Estimate Cost)

MALIA 41€ 36km
MALIA 42€ 36km
AMOYDARA 23€ 20km
GOUVES 26€ 24km
RETHYMNON 86€ 90km
ELOUNDA 75€ 68km
ANISSARAS 33€ 26km
CHANIA CITY 150€ 142km
PLAKIAS 115€ 115km

Frequently asked questions about using taxis at Heraklion Airport

Check out the questions below for quick answers to a number of common questions that travelers have about using taxis at Heraklion Airport, include cost, distance, and tipping.

Thankfully, taxis are available at Heraklion Airport 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means that even if your flight is delayed and arrives very late at night or early in the morning you should be able to find a driver who can take you to your final destination.

Typically taxis from the town are colored gray, making them easy to identify.

It’s a very short ride at a distance of about 3.10 miles (roughly 5 kilometers), and you can expect the ride to take roughly 20 minutes, but it might take longer during busy parts of the day.

One-way fares into the town center cost €16, but if you are traveling anywhere else on Crete you will be charged at a fare of €1.20 for every mile (1.6 kilometers) of the journey.

No, the fare for the taxi is charged per vehicle and not per passenger in the car.

No, and you should refuse to ride with any driver that demands you do this because they might be trying to scam you out of more cash. Just pay at the end of the journey, and be sure to check the route along the way to make sure the driver isn’t taking you out of the way in order to increase the mileage and therefore the total fare that you might have to pay.

No, there are no rules or laws that say you must pay your driver a tip when in Heraklion. However, paying them a few Euros is a kind gesture that they will appreciate.

Yes, you can book your taxi ride from the airport to the town center or any other destination online in advance of your flight, and this can often be a more convenient method than hailing a taxi at the airport. To pre-book your Taxi transfer please click here

Heraklion Airport

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