Heraklion Airport Departures

Heraklion Airport departures today – live flight information. Find the latest status information for flights departing from Heraklion Airport HER. This information is automatically updated.

Athens (ATH)GQ 211Sky ExpressJul 14 05:30 AMScheduled
Thessaloniki (SKG)FR 2116RyanairJul 14 05:30 AMScheduled
Thessaloniki (SKG)A3 571Aegean AirlinesJul 14 05:20 AMScheduled
Thessaloniki (SKG)OA 6571Olympic AirlinesJul 14 05:20 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)OA 6303Olympic AirlinesJul 14 05:10 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)A3 303Aegean AirlinesJul 14 05:10 AMScheduled
Paris (CDG)A3 452Aegean AirlinesJul 14 05:00 AMScheduled
Paris (CDG)V7 5050VOLOTEA AirwaysJul 14 05:00 AMScheduled
Paris (ORY)TO 3631Transavia FranceJul 14 04:00 AMScheduled
Rhodos (RHO)GQ 100Sky ExpressJul 14 04:00 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)A3 301Aegean AirlinesJul 14 03:00 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)OA 6301Olympic AirlinesJul 14 03:00 AMScheduled
Zurich (ZRH)LH 4505LufthansaJul 14 02:30 AMScheduled
Zurich (ZRH)LX 8343Swiss International Air LinesJul 14 02:30 AMScheduled
Zurich (ZRH)WK 343Edelweiss AirJul 14 02:30 AMScheduled
Madrid (MAD)I2 3787Iberia ExpressJul 14 02:10 AMScheduled
Madrid (MAD)IB 3787Iberia AirlinesJul 14 02:10 AMScheduled
Geneva (GVA)LX 2349Swiss International Air LinesJul 14 01:00 AMScheduled
Barcelona (BCN)VY 3351Vueling AirlinesJul 14 00:45 AMScheduled
Duesseldorf (DUS)DE 1707Condor FlugdienstJul 14 00:40 AMScheduled
Milano (MXP)NO 6733Neos21:10 PMScheduled
Tel-aviv (TLV)A3 456Aegean Airlines21:10 PMScheduled
Bordeaux (BOD)V7 2609VOLOTEA Airways20:59 PM21:36 PM (E)Scheduled
Tel-aviv (TLV)A3 458Aegean Airlines20:59 PMScheduled
Bordeaux (BOD)A3 3818Aegean Airlines20:59 PM21:36 PM (E)Scheduled
Marseille (MRS)V7 2305VOLOTEA Airways20:59 PM22:24 PM (E)Scheduled
Marseille (MRS)A3 3816Aegean Airlines20:59 PM22:24 PM (E)Scheduled
Hannover (HAJ)XR 2068Shanxi Airlines20:55 PMScheduled
London (LGW)U2 8218easyJet20:35 PM21:26 PM (E)Scheduled
Lyon (LYS)A3 3814Aegean Airlines20:30 PM21:39 PM (E)Scheduled
Lyon (LYS)V7 2827VOLOTEA Airways20:30 PM21:39 PM (E)Scheduled
Milano (MXP)U2 3680easyJet20:25 PM20:32 PM (E)Scheduled
Athens (ATH)A3 323Aegean Airlines20:20 PMScheduled
Athens (ATH)OA 6323Olympic Airlines20:20 PMScheduled
Manchester (MAN)LS 908Jet2.com20:15 PM21:56 PM (E)Scheduled
Villafranca (VRN)NO 6065Neos19:55 PMScheduled
Lille (LIL)V7 2015VOLOTEA Airways19:45 PM20:35 PM (E)Scheduled
Lille (LIL)A3 3822Aegean Airlines19:45 PM20:35 PM (E)Scheduled
London (STN)LS 1470Jet2.com19:35 PM21:15 PM (E)Scheduled
Birmingham (BHX)LS 1242Jet2.com19:35 PM20:43 PM (E)Scheduled
Athens (ATH)GQ 217Sky Express19:25 PMScheduled
Toulouse (TLS)A3 3820Aegean Airlines19:00 PM19:29 PM (E)Scheduled
Toulouse (TLS)V7 2869VOLOTEA Airways19:00 PM19:29 PM (E)Scheduled
Manchester (MAN)U2 2090easyJet18:45 PM20:05 PM (E)Scheduled
Athens (ATH)OA 6321Olympic Airlines18:45 PM19:25 PMEn Route
Athens (ATH)A3 321Aegean Airlines18:45 PM19:25 PMEn Route
Amsterdam (AMS)KL 2571KLM Royal Dutch Airlines18:40 PMScheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)HV 6620Transavia Holland18:40 PMScheduled
London (LTN)U2 2392easyJet18:35 PM19:52 PM (E)Scheduled
Edinburgh (EDI)U2 3224easyJet18:35 PM19:21 PM (E)Scheduled
Tel-aviv (TLV)BZ 751Bluebird Airways (BZ)18:20 PM16:36 PMLanded / Taxiing
Stuttgart (STR)EW 2673Eurowings18:20 PM18:54 PMEn Route
Munich (MUC)DE 1601Condor Flugdienst18:20 PMScheduled
Stuttgart (STR)4X 2673Mahalo Air18:20 PM18:54 PMEn Route
Brussels (BRU)SN 1096Brussels Airlines18:10 PM19:30 PM (E)Scheduled
Vienna (VIE)OS 9008Austrian Airlines18:05 PM21:50 PM (E)Scheduled
Naples (NAP)U2 4174easyJet18:05 PM18:49 PMEn Route
Zurich (ZRH)LX 8349Swiss International Air Lines17:55 PM18:38 PMEn Route
Zurich (ZRH)LX 349Swiss International Air Lines17:55 PM18:38 PMEn Route
Zurich (ZRH)WK 349Edelweiss Air17:55 PM18:38 PMEn Route
Brussels (BRU)SN 3258Brussels Airlines17:50 PM18:20 PMEn Route
Geneva (GVA)U2 1478easyJet17:35 PM19:35 PMEn Route
Alexandroupolis (AXD)OA 6396Olympic Airlines17:25 PM17:45 PMLanded / Taxiing
Alexandroupolis (AXD)A3 396Aegean Airlines17:25 PM17:45 PMLanded / Taxiing
Copenhagen (CPH)D8 3367Djibouti Airlines17:20 PM18:02 PMEn Route
Vienna (VIE)OS 9002Austrian Airlines17:10 PM18:38 PMEn Route
Duesseldorf (DUS)X3 4105Tuninter17:00 PM18:52 PMEn Route
Duesseldorf (DUS)EW 9671Eurowings16:50 PM18:23 PMEn Route
Duesseldorf (DUS)DE 1617Condor Flugdienst16:45 PM18:33 PMEn Route
Berlin (BER)EW 8679Eurowings16:25 PMJul 14 07:25 AM (E)Cancelled
Berlin (BER)4X 8679Mahalo Air16:25 PMJul 14 07:25 AM (E)Cancelled
Amsterdam (AMS)G6 1092Grixona16:15 PM19:08 PMEn Route
Amsterdam (AMS)OR 1092Arkefly16:15 PM19:08 PMEn Route
Paris (ORY)TO 3507Transavia France16:00 PM18:07 PMEn Route
(S) Scheduled, (E) Estimated
HER departures information last updated on Jul, 13 2024 22:40 PM (local time)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic flight schedule – Heraklion Airport Departures – might be affected. For any changes on the flight schedule passengers must contact their airline/ travel agent.

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Heraklion Airport

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