Heraklion Airport Departures

Heraklion Airport departures today – live flight information. Find the latest status information for flights departing from Heraklion Airport HER. This information is automatically updated.

Athens (ATH)A3 319Aegean Airlines18:00 PM18:10 PM (E)Scheduled
Athens (ATH)OA 6319Olympic Airlines18:00 PM18:10 PM (E)Scheduled
Athens (ATH)FB 1548Bulgaria Air18:00 PM18:10 PM (E)Scheduled
Paris (ORY)HV 3505Transavia Holland17:55 PM18:05 PM (E)Scheduled
Dresden (DRS) 436917:40 PM17:45 PM (E)Scheduled
Athens (ATH)V7 4255VOLOTEA Airways17:40 PM17:50 PM (E)Scheduled
Munich (MUC)DE 1601Condor Flugdienst17:40 PM17:50 PM (E)Scheduled
Vienna (VIE)OS 9010Austrian Airlines17:30 PMScheduled
Frankfurt (FRA)LH 1297Lufthansa17:05 PM17:15 PM (E)Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA)AC 9647Air Canada17:05 PM17:15 PM (E)Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA)A3 1826Aegean Airlines17:05 PM17:15 PM (E)Scheduled
London (LHR)BA 745British Airways16:45 PM16:45 PM (E)Scheduled
Prague (PRG)OK 4423Czech Airlines16:35 PM16:45 PM (E)Scheduled
Prague (PRG)QS 1105Travel Service16:35 PM16:45 PM (E)Scheduled
Weeze (NRN)GQ 3250Sky Express16:00 PM16:00 PM (E)Scheduled
London (LHR)BA 741British Airways15:50 PM15:50 PM (E)Scheduled
Alma-ata (ALA)KC 576Air Astana15:40 PM15:40 PM (E)Scheduled
Friedrichshafen (FDH)A3 Aegean Airlines15:30 PM15:40 PM (E)Scheduled
Liege (LGG) 2Quick Air Jet Charter15:30 PM15:40 PM (E)Scheduled
Eindhoven (EIN) 2Quick Air Jet Charter15:30 PMScheduled
Lyon (LYS)GQ 960Sky Express15:25 PM15:25 PM (E)Scheduled
Graz (GRZ)XC 6203Corendon Airlines15:20 PM15:30 PM (E)Scheduled
Nantes (NTE)GQ 970Sky Express15:20 PM15:20 PM (E)Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA)A3 430Aegean Airlines15:15 PM15:15 PM (E)Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA)TP 7414TAP Portugal15:15 PM15:15 PM (E)Scheduled
Frankfurt (FRA)LH 5913Lufthansa15:15 PM15:15 PM (E)Scheduled
Geneva (GVA)LX 2351Swiss International Air Lines15:00 PMScheduled
Geneva (GVA)TP 8447TAP Portugal15:00 PMScheduled
Athens (ATH)EK 4916Emirates14:45 PM14:55 PM (E)Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ)FR 3816Ryanair14:45 PM14:55 PM (E)Scheduled
Athens (ATH)A3 315Aegean Airlines14:45 PM14:55 PM (E)Scheduled
Athens (ATH)FB 1545Bulgaria Air14:45 PM14:55 PM (E)Scheduled
Athens (ATH)OA 6315Olympic Airlines14:45 PM14:55 PM (E)Scheduled
London (LGW)X9 2561Nordic Solutions14:40 PM14:40 PM (E)Scheduled
Leipzig (LEJ)HN 6653Hellenic Star Airways14:35 PM14:45 PM (E)Scheduled
Vienna (VIE)LW 7392Lauda Air14:30 PM14:40 PM (E)Scheduled
Rhodos (RHO)NO 6046Neos14:10 PMScheduled
Bucharest (OTP)GQ 4810Sky Express14:00 PM14:00 PM (E)Scheduled
London (LGW)U2 8216easyJet13:55 PM14:34 PM (E)Scheduled
Vienna (VIE)OS 9002Austrian Airlines13:55 PM14:05 PM (E)Scheduled
Bristol (BRS)U2 2814easyJet13:45 PM13:46 PM (E)Scheduled
Munich (MUC)AC 9653Air Canada13:25 PM13:45 PM (E)Scheduled
Munich (MUC)A3 1504Aegean Airlines13:25 PM13:45 PM (E)Scheduled
Munich (MUC)TP 7637TAP Portugal13:25 PM13:45 PM (E)Scheduled
Munich (MUC)LH 1759Lufthansa13:25 PM13:45 PM (E)Scheduled
Charleroi (CRL)FR 7987Ryanair13:10 PM13:40 PM (E)Scheduled
Leeds (LBA)LS 444Jet2.com13:00 PM13:10 PM (E)Scheduled
Eindhoven (EIN)HV 5910Transavia Holland13:00 PM13:10 PM (E)Scheduled
Vienna (VIE)OS 9012Austrian Airlines12:55 PM13:05 PM (E)Scheduled
Nantes (NTE)V7 2285VOLOTEA Airways12:45 PM13:00 PM (E)Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Jet Service12:25 PM12:35 PM (E)En Route
Bremen (BRE)SR 4587City Airline12:20 PM12:30 PM (E)En Route
Stuttgart (STR)DE 1647Condor Flugdienst12:20 PM12:50 PM (E)En Route
Frankfurt (FRA)DE 1663Condor Flugdienst12:20 PM12:30 PM (E)En Route
Zurich (ZRH)WK 351Edelweiss Air12:05 PM12:15 PM (E)En Route
Zurich (ZRH)LX 8351Swiss International Air Lines12:05 PM12:15 PM (E)En Route
Nuernberg (NUE)CXI 2268Shanxi Airlines12:00 PMEn Route
Stuttgart (STR)G2T 4715Gestion Aerea Ajecutiva11:50 AM12:00 PM (E)En Route
Amsterdam (AMS)HV 6872Transavia Holland11:45 AM11:55 AM (E)En Route
Amsterdam (AMS)KL 2558KLM Royal Dutch Airlines11:45 AM11:55 AM (E)En Route
Amsterdam (AMS)DL 7488Delta Air Lines11:45 AM11:55 AM (E)En Route
Brussels (BRU)HV 9210Transavia Holland11:40 AM11:40 AM (E)En Route
Brussels (BRU)X3 2252Tuninter11:30 AM11:40 AM (E)En Route
Athens (ATH)A3 307Aegean Airlines11:30 AM11:40 AM (E)En Route
Athens (ATH)OA 6307Olympic Airlines11:30 AM11:40 AM (E)En Route
Athens (ATH)FB 1543Bulgaria Air11:30 AM11:40 AM (E)En Route
Riga (RIX)BT 636Air Baltic11:25 AM11:35 AM (E)En Route
Brussels (BRU)SN 3256Brussels Airlines11:20 AM11:30 AM (E)En Route
Hamburg (HAM)EW 7675Eurowings11:20 AM11:20 AM (E)En Route
Zurich (ZRH)DE 1235Condor Flugdienst11:15 AM11:25 AM (E)En Route
Duesseldorf (DUS)DE 1795Condor Flugdienst11:10 AM11:20 AM (E)En Route
Leeds (LBA)AX Axis Airways11:00 AM11:10 AM (E)En Route
Marseille (MRS)A3 424Aegean Airlines10:55 AM11:05 AM (E)En Route
Leipzig (LEJ)FH 1072Free Bird Airlines10:55 AM11:05 AM (E)En Route
Nuernberg (NUE)CXI 2268Shanxi Airlines10:50 AMEn Route
Cologne (CGN)EW 677Eurowings10:50 AM10:47 AM (E)En Route
Cologne (CGN)A3 3922Aegean Airlines10:50 AM10:47 AM (E)En Route
Vienna (VIE)DE 1483Condor Flugdienst10:35 AM10:45 AM (E)En Route
Vienna (VIE)OS 9014Austrian Airlines10:20 AM10:32 AMEn Route
Hannover (HAJ)CXI 2078Shanxi Airlines10:15 AMEn Route
Duesseldorf (DUS)XC 667Corendon Airlines10:15 AM08:58 AM (E)En Route
Kassel (KSF)SR 4561City Airline10:15 AM10:38 AMEn Route
Hannover (HAJ)X3 4107Tuninter10:10 AM10:27 AMEn Route
Paris (CDG)E4 DAT Enterprise Limited10:10 AM10:35 AMEn Route
Munich (MUC)BZ 293Bluebird Airways (BZ)10:10 AM10:19 AMEn Route
Larnaca (LCA)ND 461Northern Airways10:00 AM10:01 AMEn Route
Tallinn-ulemiste International (TLL) 272210:00 AM09:56 AMEn Route
Frankfurt (FRA)LH 4421Lufthansa09:35 AM10:45 AM (E)En Route
Frankfurt (FRA)4Y 1205O Air09:35 AM10:45 AM (E)En Route
Prague (PRG)QS 1103Travel Service09:30 AM09:27 AM (E)En Route
Prague (PRG)OK 4421Czech Airlines09:30 AM09:27 AM (E)En Route
Frankfurt (FRA)X3 4203Tuninter09:15 AM09:23 AMEn Route
Brno (BRQ)QS 1405Travel Service09:15 AM09:25 AM (E)En Route
Athens (ATH)GQ 211Sky Express08:50 AM09:03 AMEn Route
Duesseldorf (DUS)XC 667Corendon Airlines08:45 AM08:55 AM (E)En Route
Hannover (HAJ)XC 2078Corendon Airlines08:35 AM08:53 AMEn Route
Warsaw (WAW)4M 2262LAN Argentina08:30 AM08:45 AMEn Route
Athens (ATH)A3 303Aegean Airlines08:20 AM08:30 AM (E)En Route
Athens (ATH)OA 6303Olympic Airlines08:20 AM08:30 AM (E)En Route
Duesseldorf (DUS)A3 438Aegean Airlines08:10 AM08:20 AM (E)En Route
Munich (MUC)TP 7412TAP Portugal07:50 AM08:00 AM (E)En Route
Munich (MUC)LH 5933Lufthansa07:50 AM08:00 AM (E)En Route
Munich (MUC)A3 432Aegean Airlines07:50 AM08:00 AM (E)En Route
Larnaca (LCA)CY 461Cyprus Airways07:30 AMEn Route
Paris (CDG)A3 452Aegean Airlines07:05 AM07:15 AM (E)En Route
Paris (CDG)V7 5050VOLOTEA Airways07:05 AM07:15 AM (E)En Route
Berlin (BER)XC 673Corendon Airlines07:00 AM07:10 AM (E)En Route
Paris (ORY)HV 3631Transavia Holland07:00 AM07:10 AM (E)En Route
Thessaloniki (SKG)A3 571Aegean Airlines07:00 AM07:10 AM (E)En Route
Thessaloniki (SKG)A3 7571Aegean Airlines07:00 AM07:10 AM (E)En Route
Billund (BLL)GQ 3220Sky Express07:00 AM07:00 AM (E)En Route
Rhodos (RHO)GQ 100Sky Express07:00 AM07:00 AM (E)En Route
Paris (CDG)GQ 950Sky Express06:45 AM06:55 AM (E)En Route
Copenhagen (CPH)A3 Aegean Airlines06:45 AM06:51 AMEn Route
Brussels (BRU)GQ 850Sky Express06:40 AM06:53 AMEn Route
Marseille (MRS)GQ 990Sky Express06:35 AM06:48 AMEn Route
Athens (ATH)OA 6301Olympic Airlines06:05 AM06:17 AMEn Route
Athens (ATH)A3 301Aegean Airlines06:05 AM06:17 AMEn Route
Billund (BLL)XC 9017Corendon Airlines06:00 AM06:12 AMEn Route
(S) Scheduled, (E) Estimated
Departures information last updated on Jun, 3 2023 12:00 PM (local time)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic flight schedule – Heraklion Airport Departures – might be affected. For any changes on the flight schedule passengers must contact their airline/ travel agent.

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Heraklion Airport

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