Heraklion Airport Arrivals

Heraklion Airport arrivals today – live flight information. Find the latest status information for flights arriving at Heraklion Airport International Airport HER. This information is automatically updated.

Athens (ATH)A3 312Aegean Airlines10:30 AMScheduled
Birmingham (BHX)U2 6615easyJet10:10 AM10:05 AM (E)Scheduled
Hamburg (HAM)EW 7674Eurowings09:30 AMScheduled
Eindhoven (EIN)HV 6761Transavia Holland09:20 AMScheduled
Bergamo (BGY)FR 323Ryanair08:55 AMScheduled
Bergamo (BGY) 32308:55 AMScheduled
Paris (ORY)TO 3500Transavia France08:20 AMScheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)HV 6873Transavia Holland08:15 AMScheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)KL 2618KLM Royal Dutch Airlines08:15 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)OA 6306Olympic Airlines07:55 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)A3 306Aegean Airlines07:55 AMScheduled
Brussels (BRU)SN 3255Brussels Airlines07:20 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)A3 310Aegean Airlines07:20 AM07:41 AM (E)Scheduled
Tel-aviv (TLV)BZ 752Bluebird Airways (BZ)07:20 AMScheduled
Zurich (ZRH)WK 348Edelweiss Air06:40 AMScheduled
Zurich (ZRH)LX 8348Swiss International Air Lines06:40 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)A3 304Aegean Airlines05:55 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)OA 6304Olympic Airlines05:55 AMScheduled
Frankfurt (FRA)LH 4420Lufthansa05:50 AMScheduled
Tel-aviv (TLV)IZ 99Arkia Israel Airlines05:50 AMScheduled
Frankfurt (FRA)4Y 1204O Air05:50 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)GQ 210Sky Express05:00 AMScheduled
Thessaloniki (SKG)OA 6570Olympic Airlines04:40 AMScheduled
Thessaloniki (SKG)A3 570Aegean Airlines04:40 AMScheduled
Tel-aviv (TLV)A3 459Aegean Airlines04:35 AMScheduled
Tel-aviv (TLV)A3 457Aegean Airlines04:35 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)OA 6300Olympic Airlines04:30 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)A3 300Aegean Airlines04:30 AMScheduled
Athens (ATH)A3 308Aegean Airlines02:50 AM10:05 AM (E)Cancelled
(S) Scheduled, (E) Estimated
HER arrivals information last updated on Apr, 24 2024 03:40 AM (local time)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic flight schedule – Heraklion Airport Arrivals – might be affected. For any changes on the flight schedule passengers must contact their airline/ travel agent.

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Heraklion Airport

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