Benefits Of Renting Cars And How To Drive In Crete

If you are planning a visit to the Greek island of Crete, whether for pleasure or work, you’re probably wondering about the best way to commute around the island. Some travelers like to rely on public transportation such as buses or use taxis to visit various sights, but there can be some significant benefits that you’ll get to enjoy if you choose to rent a car instead.

Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands with a total area of more than 3,219 square miles (or 8,336 kilometers). And there are many great historic sights, shops, bars, restaurants, beaches and other fun destinations throughout the island. Choosing the right method if transportation for traveling across Crete is key to ensuring that you get to make the most of your visit.

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Advantages of renting a car for getting around Crete

Perhaps the greatest pro of renting a car during your time on Crete is that you’ll get maximum flexibility for your travel plans. You won’t have to rely on public transportation schedules to visit certain places, and you’ll be guaranteed a direct ride from point to point on the island.

There are several places on Crete where you can find major rental car companies, including the airports, the wharves, and in the center of several towns. Prices for renting a car can be very affordable depending on your needs, as low as about €15 per day for some vehicles.

Another advantage of renting a car is that you’ll have complete privacy and security, because your belongings and fellow passengers will be safe in your own vehicle. If you use public transportation, you’ll have to share it with strangers with nowhere to stash your bags safely.

Important advice on driving on the island of Crete

One of the most vital pieces of information to learn about driving in Greece is that it’s on the right side of the road, just as cars drive in many European countries and the United States. As such, cars on the right are given the right of way in most circumstances.

Crete has a naturally mountainous landscape with winding roads that can be overwhelming for even experienced drivers, so if you rent a car then you should make sure that whoever will be driving the vehicle feels comfortable with navigating this type of road network.

Should you be driving on a fast road, the general rule is that you should drive partly onto the emergency lane in order to let any cars going at a greater speed to overtake. If a vehicle behind you flashes their headlights at you, they are indicating for you to veer into the emergency lane.

One unpredictable element to look out for are the wild animals living in the mountains, as they can sometimes run into the road, which risks causing an accident if drivers aren’t paying attention. Always stay focused on your surroundings when driving around Crete.

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